Ode to Joy

At long last, the new edition of Biblio-Poetry Therapy: The Interactive Process is in print!

We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to Joy Roulier Sawyer!!  She did yeoman’s work in editing the original text—preserving much of it, but tweaking it to reflect the impact of  time and technology have had on the field.  Just as important, Joy has made a significant contribution by compiling an updated bibliography of professional literature and resources.     Joy also helped co-ordinate a series of tributes to Arleen and her work from the poetry therapy community, including Peggy Osna Heller, Geri Chavis, Liz McCloskey (who is completing the spiritual biography of Arleen as her Ph.D. dissertation at Catholic Univesity.

I, with my siblings Denis, Patrick, Hilary, Brigid, Peter, Thomas More, Timothy and Christopher along with our marvelous choosers and progeny were the first beneficiaries of the profound gift of wonder and caring that our mother brought to everything she did; we deeply appreciate the way Joy is keeping her work and wonder alive.

Once again, the classy cover design was done by Nico Berry.

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