October 17, 2011  This has been a bit of a milestone day!  The mail brought an advance copy of the book that discusses my life work: Don’t Leave the Story in the Book (Teacher’s College Press)

I had a few great hours with my talented and handsome illustrator and all things web consultant Nico Berry …

 (by the by, our 3rd son)  and I understand that the 3rd Edition of the book that my mother, Arleen McCarty Hynes, O.S.B.  and I co-authored: BiblioPoetryTherapy: The Interactive Process should be in my hands by early November from NorthStar Press.

You will notice that milestone image I chose is a bit of a precarious pile–the stone itself balanced upon and balancing many others.  That’s what I am hoping for this blog.

Both books owe so much to multiple communities of learning and loving; to relatives, colleagues, friends, and strangers who share my passion for  finding ways to take advantage of one of the most powerful tools there are for learning and understanding: stories/poems/musings.

I will be sharing more ideas I’ve had or gleaned from gifted colleagues–classroom teachers, storytellers, artists, mentors and healers of all persuasions.

I count on visitors to this site to comment and share more–to be the skipping stones of this haiku

Skipping stones ripple

Boundaries are not limits

Understanding grows.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love the Haiku, the new and revised books, the stories from when you told stories to Roman, Emile, Logan, I and many more children around the world, and lastly being a great Mom!


    Daniel Berry
    The 4th of her 4 sons
    Early Childhood Teacher
    Volunteer in Community and Youth Development

  2. You MUST read chapter 5 – it is all about how i got a free meal at the bear-family maison – they were so kind…
    love to all
    Goldi (older and wiser now)

  3. This just keeps getting better and better, Mary! Congratulations and to your webmaster, well done Nico! I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds and evolves for you, Mary. So wonderful.

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